Flying without neglecting our skin

For business, for pleasure… Traveling by plane is often a part of our lifestyle and therefore, another factor that has an impact on how we should take care of our body.

The humidity level inside an aircraft is significantly lower than the one on the ground. For this reason, we frequently experience an unpleasant dryness in our skin, even during relatively short flights. Tightness, redness or even the opposite, an excess of oil generated to compensate dehydration, make it so that many times we don’t look the best when we arrive to our destination.

One of the first things we can do to prevent this dehydration is obvious: drink plenty of water during the trip. If we keep our body hydrated from the inside, our skin will be grateful for it.

And we can also help our skin if we thoroughly hydrate it with a good moisturizer before we leave home, and if we remember to reapply it during our trip if the flight is going to be long.

A Palearis user who is a long-haul flight attendant told us that she uses her breaks during the trip to quickly remove her makeup, apply our Esencial Soothing emulsion and put her make up back on to achieve a perfect and hydrated face.

It would be ideal if we could avoid foundation when we travel. But if a no-makeup look is not an option for us, this little express-hydration step can help us.

A couple more pointers. Avoiding touching the face, especially if our hands are not completely clean. This is something that many of us tend to do when we remain seated for a long time, and an aircraft is a source of bacteria that can pollute our skin.

And even though it’s not always easy (or comfortable!), trying to rest during the flight. A repairing sleep or just some relax time definitely reflect on the look and expression of our face, achieving the “fresh face” effect that we wish to have when we arrive to our destination.

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