The experience of Dr. Lucía Gil, M.D. as a Palearis Organics user

We want to share this testimony that Dr. Lucía Gil, M.D. kindly sent us to talk about her experience as a Palearis user. Besides being a family practitioner, Dr. Gil offers personalized medical consulting to design a customized health plan that incorporates the healthy habits that better adjust to our own body and lifestyle. You can find more information about this interesting and effective advise on

“The skin is an organ in itself, not only our outer layer. It reflects the way we eat and it shows if we are drinking enough liquids everyday. When we feel stressed our skin is also stressed and it looks unhealthy when we feel sick; it’s sensitive to the lack of sleep and to hormonal changes.

An example of this is how the skin gets swollen after we eat something we are allergic to; it’s an external sign of something that is happening inside of us. Moreover, the skin also suffers from external factors: too much sun, pollution and chemical substances that we use on a daily basis with our creams and makeup routines that can alter our skin and cause pimples, dark spots and/or blotches.

We all know that parabens are harmful substances but there are many other chemical preservatives that cause skin imbalances and mineral oils that clog our pores.

I had already tried various facial creams because my skin felt dehydrated when a friend introduced me to the Palearis products.

What a nice surprise when you receive your order at your home; perfectly packed and with a very cheerful label depicting wild flowers.

The first thing that I noticed when I tried the products was their pleasant aroma. It’s like opening a door into the countryside and releasing all those fragrances into my bathroom. But the best thing is that the feeling doesn’t wear off over time. After each application those countryside aromas still arise. It’s aromatherapy every day.

I had been using makeup removing soaps because I like the fresh feeling of washing my face with water but all of them made my skin feel tight. With the Purifying Cleanser I don’t get that tightness since it’s oil-based but I still get the freshness of a face washed with soap and water.

I use the Vivifying Face emulsion in the morning. If I’m going out with no makeup on, I apply it in two steps because the wind dries out my skin. A light layer before breakfast and another one 15 minutes later. At night, I use the Soothing Face emulsion. During the summer, I apply it several times a day if I’ve been exposed to the sun because its components have anti-inflammatory properties.

My skin is more elastic and radiant from day one and with its continuous use the  blotches and pimples that I’ve always had have gone away.

Thank you Palearis for taking care of my skin from the outside. Now, we only need to take care of it from the inside with healthy eating habits and proper hydration.

Lucía Gil Sánchez, M.D.

Family Doctor

Personal Medical Advisor

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