Skincare for men: Moisturizer? After-Shave? Both?

This is the question that a lot of men ask themselves when it comes to after-shave skincare. Should I use an after-shave lotion? And also, should I use a moisturizer after I’ve shaved?

Our answer is clear. If you are not a long-bearded hipster and you shave everyday, yes, you should use both. Your skin needs a product that repairs the damage that shaving can cause on your skin: inflammation, irritation and even cuts that require disinfection. And this is the main purpose of an after-shave lotion.

However, this step is not enough if you want to take further care of your skin to preserve its elasticity and this is when good hydration becomes essential.

Most of the conventional after-shave lotions use alcohol as an antiseptic, which adds additional stress on the skin and can cause too much dermic dryness.

Ideally, we should use a product that soothes and repairs the skin after shaving -better alcohol-free–  and that also nourishes and hydrates it. And if its ingredients come from organic farming, we will be sure that we are taking care of our skin in the healthiest possible way and we will achieve results that go beyond the momentary relief that an after-shave lotion provides.

Our organic moisturizing emulsion Esencial for Men contains ingredients like calendula, -a highly effective natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory component and hazelnut oil, that hydrates and tones the skin without leaving it greasy. In just one step, your skin will be repaired and also perfectly moisturized after shaving. No more excuses!

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