During the summer months, our habits and environment change and, therefore, our skin requires special care. Cleansing, moisturizing and protection are the three pillars that we should always include in our facial beauty routine, even more importantly in the summer.

Cleansing. High temperatures make us sweat more, which can clog the pores of our skin more easily and result in ugly-looking pimples. That’s why it’s very important that we keep our skin clean and purified with preferably natural products, which drag out the dirt without leaving residues.

Hydration. Sun exposure also dehydrates our skin and makes it look dull and even flaky. A light cream, or better yet, a moisturizing, non-greasy emulsion that’s quickly absorbed is an ideal solution to preserve the optimal level of hydration in our skin during the summer.

Protection. And in addition to an effective sunblock, it’s important that we use a product that not only hydrates, but that also contains ingredients that protect our skin before and after exposure to the sun. Before, to prepare it and act as a shield that minimizes environmental aggressions and after, to repair possible damage.

During the summer: clean, hydrated and protected skin.

We recommend: Purifying Cleanser and Esencial Soothing.

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