We believe in the natural care of the skin, our largest organ, also recognized as the third brain of the body.

Our skin is like a “porous blanket” that covers our body and that is why we must nourish it with natural ingredients that our body recognizes and assimilates.

Thus, we will not generate metabolic waste that negatively affects our health and the luminosity of our skin. These metabolic remains produce epidermal stress, an important cause of epithelial stains and microcracks that we will avoid with the continued use of Palearis organic cosmetics.

We use cold production processes.

With this, we preserve the properties of our ingredients unchanged, making it easier for our skin to assimilate them more effectively.

In addition, our cold production allows us to minimize energy consumption, thus being in tune with Environmental Sustainability, both in cultivation strategies and in production, marketing and distribution.

More than natural, ecological.

Our products have the highest level of ecological certification through NATRUE, an internationally recognized seal for its strict criteria in organic cosmetics.

We do not add artificial colors or flavors.

A production free of harmful ingredients (transgenic, insecticides, pesticides, parabens …) from the growing phase.

Our containers guarantee the preservation and effectiveness of the product.

We do not use fully open containers to avoid contamination and deterioration caused by environmental agents or by simple contact.

We formulate our products with a high concentration of active principles, mostly from the biogeographic region of Castilla.

In our formulations we also take into account that the active floral substances used come from the same ecosystem, in the conviction that this produces synergies that increase the effectiveness of their properties on the skin.

and of course, we believe in ageless beauty.